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GunWatchman is a small motion detector designed to be attached to any gun via its magnetic case. It uses the local wi-fi network to trigger a notification tree whenever it or anything it is attached to, is moved.

GunWatchman is configured to connect to your wi-fi network via an app on your phone. The same app is used to create and manage the list of persons to be contacted when GunWatchman is triggered.

GunWatchman is powered by a single AA battery that will last for at least a year and requires no monthly subscription to operate.

IMPORTANT- You are pre-ordering GunWatchman! It is not in stock and the earliest projected availability is July of 2020.

We will keep all buyers updated as to the shipping date of their orders and in the event we are not able to deliver GunWatchman you will be entitled to a refund.

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  1. Avinash

    Great idea! People should get one of these for every gun they own.

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